The research performed in my laboratory has two primary goals. The first is to provide a constructive environment for my students to apply their scientific curiosity and to practice research techniques. While the primary focus of these student driven experiments is on behavioral neuroscience, I allow students to choose their own sphere of interest in designing their individual projects. The second focuses my primary scientific interest, the neurobiology of social behavior. While my students’ projects often (and at my encouragement) share this focus, this is not a stipulation of their work.

This website is a repository of the ideas, results, and philosophy that contribute to, and emerge from, these research efforts. It is an attempt to coherently link all of these projects to one another in a comprehensive philosophical package.

I incorporate traditional formats including abstracts, methods, graphs of data, and summative statements of the scientific impact, as well as more informal commentary (i.e. blog posts, editorials, and idea statements) to achieve this goal. Importantly, while I curate most of the content herein, my students build and maintain the spur pages that correspond to the projects they execute. These pages serve as a record of their research, and will hopefully grow into an exposé of their talents, interests, and progress as researchers.

So enjoy a browse. I hope you learn something, have a critical thought or two, share a comment or constructive critique, and enjoy a bit of knowledge in the world of behavioral neuroscience.